Absences managementTransparency

An Effective Solution for Absence Management

Facilitate the management of leave requests for a more fulfilled and efficient team

Absences managementTransparency

An Effective Solution for Absence Management

Facilitate the management of leave requests for a more fulfilled and efficient team


Management of statutory holidays

Master Holiday Management

Simplicity, Flexibility, and Efficiency with Minuto

  • Automatic generationGet ready to celebrate hassle-free with our automatic holiday generation system. No more tedious calculations, let us simplify your time management
  • List provided upon registrationAs soon as you join Minuto, we offer you a list of public holidays preconfigured according to the standards of each province of Quebec. Save time and energy for more efficient management.
  • 2 types of holidays possibleCustomize your holidays according to your needs. Choose between fixed holidays from year to year or holidays with variable dates. You have full control of your calendar.
  • Postpone leaveYou have the opportunity to decide the ideal time to postpone a public holiday falling on the weekend. Adapt to your business needs with ease.
  • Flexible calculation methodChoose the holiday calculation method that suits your business. Whether by 1/20th of the hour, fixed holiday hours, or according to the schedule, we have the solution.
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Assignment of statutory holidays

The Art of Personalizing the Allocation of Holidays

Personalize Your Holidays for Every Level of Your Business

  • Minuto offers flexible statutory holiday management, allowing global allocations, by branch, by department, or even by employee. This flexibility meets the specific needs of your company, thus optimizing absence management and work-life balance.
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Considerable benefits

Transparent management

Transform Absence Management into Strategic Advantages

Absence management is crucial for any business. With Minuto, we simplify this complex process by offering you a transparent, efficient and innovative solution. Our solution has a ton of benefit for your business.
Time saving
Easy team management
Effective communication
Data analysis

Absence requests

Freedom to Ask, Simplicity to Manage

Minuto: Your Intuitive and Powerful Absence Request Solution

  • Easy creationEmployees can easily create absence requests via the web or our mobile app. Simplify the time off request process, encourage buy-in, and improve employee satisfaction.
  • Planning for Future AbsencesAllow employees to plan their absences well in advance. With Minuto, they can submit requests for future leave, giving you better visibility into long-term staffing needs.
  • Choice of flexible statusesCustomize absence request statuses to reflect your company's approval process. Set statuses like “submitted,” “approved,” “to be fixed,” and more for seamless tracking.
  • Schedule Conflict ManagerGive managers the ability to easily view scheduling conflicts, ensuring the business runs smoothly even with multiple absences.
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