Payroll serviceComplete autonomy

Accurate pay, freed time

Free yourself from administrative tasks, concentrate on your business.



Our approach

Discover our service offering for processing your payroll


Data transmission

Via the Minuto app

✓ If you do not have time and attendance software, a template will be provided to you.

Free reports

Reports for monitoring time banks, employee totals, accounting entries and more.

✓ Ability to build your own report with the fields available in the software

C.C.Q. Pay

Construction payroll processing + sending reports

✓ We constantly stay up to date with industry regulations to avoid any concerns about hourly rates and other changes.
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Great sending flexibility and different sending possibility per employee

✓ Sending by protected email
✓ Sending in Minuto
✓ Sending by post (printing)

Salary deposit

As soon as the payroll journal is approved, the bank file is sent

✓ Employees receive their pay in their account on the specified day.
✓ The total amount of net pay is taken from the company's bank account
✓ No money passes through the payroll service
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Avoid costly penalties by entrusting us with the more complex payroll calculations.

✓ Calculation of statutory holidays
✓ Vacation calculation
✓ Government withholdings
✓ Deductions (CNESST, insurance, pension fund, RRSP, unions, social club, alimony, salary garnishment, etc.)

Government Rebates

No more late payments

Your peace of mind, our mission: Our payroll service takes care of your operations on time, according to your specific needs.

  • Remittance to Revenu Québec➡️ Your withholding taxes
    ➡️ Notice of amounts transferred
    ➡️ Secure transfers via Clic-Revenu
  • Remittance to Revenue Canada➡️ Canadian withholding taxes
    ➡️ Employer contributions to employment insurance
    ➡️ Withholdings for alimony and wage garnishments
    ➡️ Annual contribution to the Labor Standards Commission
    ➡️ Annual contribution to the FDRCMO

    The remittance is made via the website of the employer's bank. Our payroll department can take care of this and have restricted access to this function only.
Meet our team
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Record of employment, T4 and R1

Our service sends the documents for you

Simplify your compliance: Our payroll service takes care of all the documents required by government agencies, for your peace of mind.

  • Production of employment records➡️ Transferring the file to the ReWeb site
    ➡️ Sending a copy to the employer
    ➡️ Data Validation
  • Automated production of T4s and Relevé 1s➡️ Sending to both levels of government
    ➡️ Generation of detailed summaries
    ➡️ Notification to employees
    ➡️ Quick access on Minuto
Meet our team


Saving time and money

Combine Minuto and the payroll service and obtain a 25% discount on payroll service rates with no time limit.


Certified excellence

Professionals to serve you

As a proud member of the National Payroll Institute, our team of professionals produces your payroll with expertise and remains constantly on the lookout for the latest legislative developments to guarantee optimal management.


Ready to start with us?

Contact our team to get more information and to start the integration process

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